Southern Blue Ridge Fire Learning Network

Photo Credit: TNC

Since its inception in 2006, the Southern Blue Ridge Fire Learning Network (SBR FLN) has continued to bring partners together to enable more good fire in the forests, facilitate connection and conversations between traditional and non-traditional fire practitioners, and share scientific research that can be easily digested by all fire practitioners.

While the SBR FLN has gone through some significant leadership changes in the last year, our work on the ground has not slowed down. The change at the lead level has shown our network the need for successional planning at all levels of the FLN while also recognizing the strength in the landscapes.

Our partners in the Southern Blue Ridge FLN collaborate to develop, share, and apply the best available science to restore fire across a vast, diverse region. We work with partners and other allies for prescribed fire work in teams in the networks eight landscapes to set and achieve restoration goals in the fire-adapted pine and oak forests. 

Landscape Leads: