Greater Yellowstone Fire Action Network

Photo Credit: Liz Davy GYFAN

The Greater Yellowstone Fire Action Network (GYFAN) is a network formed to address challenges communities and the landscape face with wildfire. 

Our participants are people from organizations, agencies, and communities within the Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA) working towards social and ecological landscapes resilient to fire. The concept of the network has been in the works for several years and began to take shape in 2021 when three leaders in fire adaptation began working together to form this Network.  

The goal of our network is to promote fire adapted communities across the ecosystem and support a fire resilient landscape. We share resources and knowledge in order to mitigate fire on the ground and connect communities, mitigation practitioners, and fire agencies across the GYA to increase knowledge sharing, capacity and the social capital needed to increase the pace and scale of fuels reduction work within and around communities at risk to wildfire and to promote fire on the landscape as an ecosystem restoration tool.