California Klamath-Siskiyou FLN

Photo Credit: Jose Luis Duce, WRTC

Since 2006, the California Klamath-Siskiyou Fire Learning Network (CKS FLN) has advanced a set
of complementary strategies at the local, regional and statewide scales to advance cooperative
fire management, ecological restoration, community fire protection and resiliency. In addition,
we recognize the importance of community outreach and telling the story of good and safe fire
practices for audiences of all experience levels with fire.

At the local scale we operate the Trinity Integrated Fire Management Partnership which advances cooperative burning across land ownerships within a 2.1 million acre landscape. At the regional scale, we support the Northern CA Prescribed Fire Council which has served as a catalyst for wide-ranging regional coordination and shared-learning with NGOs, agencies and tribes. At the statewide level, we’ve expanded TREX offerings while supporting the growth of local grassroots Prescribed Burn Associations across the State through high-quality training and mentorship. Meanwhile, we’ve worked with allies across the State to shift the regulatory, funding, and policy environment to support the growth of cooperative prescribed fire capacity. Core to this work has been growing and maintaining an effective and reputable training program to empower and increase the skillsets of under-represented prescribed fire practitioners and local leaders. The CKS FLN utilizes California Prescribed Fire Training Exchange (Cal-TREX) events, Prescribed Burn Association cooperative training burns, an expanding All Hands All Lands Prescribed Fire Team, and the Trinity Integrated Fire Management Partnership to accomplish this work across scales. The CKS FLN is committed to working on the advancement of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) by incorporating DEIJ trainings into our fire work, supporting and maintaining equitable partnerships, and leading with open minds, vulnerability and empathy.