Fire practitioners—whether working full-time in the field, or three weekends a year—need opportunities to hone skills, learn from others, and deepen their relationships with fire. This is fundamental to being able to change our fire culture—one person at a time.

Photo Credit: Kody Wohlers / Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
Photo Credit: Kody Wohlers / Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

Building the Community of Fire Practitioners

TREX events teach, inspire, and empower. They help fire practitioners build relationships, grow knowledge, and get crucial training and experience with controlled burning, all in one integrated multi-day event. Everyone teaches, everyone learns.

TREX events offer career fire practitioners opportunities to advance their qualifications in a wide range of roles, while working with people with a wide range of backgrounds and experience, who they may not work with in their daily work. And TREX events offer practitioners who might not work directly with agencies—from Tribal members and students to landowners and community members—the skills, experience and connections to progress on their fire journeys so that they can fill their roles in helping build a sustainable fire future. 

In addition to fireline skills, participants share and learn about local fire ecology and fire management, get media training, and practice, and explore how concepts like unconscious bias, equity and inclusion, and active-bystander practices apply in this field. They use new tools and technology, and they meet colleagues and make friends that span cultures, organizations, and careers.

Photo Credit: Eric Kiehn

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