Rio Grande Water Fund

Photo Credit: Colin Haffey, TNC
The goal of the Rio Grande Water Fund (RGWF) is to protect the storage, delivery, and quality of Rio Grande and San Juan-Chama Project water through landscape-scale forest restoration treatments in tributary forested watersheds.
We work with partners across all jurisdictions to return fire to the landscape as a necessary component of forest and watershed restoration. Indigenous partnerships are a crucial component to our FLN. Our Indigenous partners were the first stewards of these lands and hold valuable traditional knowledge that can be applied to fire management. Indigenous partners also provide crucial support to implement prescribed burns both on and off tribal lands. The All Hands All Lands Burn Team (AHAL), a RGWF funded project co-managed with the Forest Stewards Guild, is another key project of the RGWF FLN. AHAL pools equipment and personnel resources from various sources to implement and assist with burns across all jurisdictions; helping to fill critical capacity gaps.