Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative & The Ember Alliance

Photo Credit: Evan Barrientos

The Northern Colorado Fireshed Collaborative (NCFC) represents federal, state, and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations; academic institutions; and watershed coalitions along the Front Range in Colorado. 

We believe deeply in the coordination of human and ecological communities who are dependent upon and impacted by fire. A Fireshed is an area where social and ecological concerns regarding wildfire overlap and intertwine. Our mission in this landscape is to increase the pace and scale of not only mechanical and manual fuel reduction methods, but also prescribed fires and strategically managed wildland fires across jurisdictional boundaries. 

The NCFS is facilitated by The Ember Alliance, a nonprofit organization focusing on community planning for wildfire, firefighter training, prescribed fire, and much more. The Ember Alliance also works with the Fire Learning Network to complete specific projects ranging from collecting data through surveys, developing training materials, and writing burn plans.


Project Leads:

Some of the projects The Ember Alliance has completed with support from FLN include:

Pile Burn Coop: Modeled after the Prescribed Burn Association (PBA) model. Pile Burn Cooperatives (PBCs) are groups of landowners and land managers who share knowledge, resources, tools, and time to use prescribed fire on their land for forest health management and wildfire mitigation. The Ember Alliance’s goal is to support PBCs in northern Colorado, with a focus on the NCFC landscape

Western Training Survey: The previously completed Southeastern and Northeast-Midwest surveys helped inform targeted training opportunities (such as TEA’s 2022 offerings of RX 301/341) and movement to reform NWCG positions. An additional Western-focused survey was identified as important by the Western Region of the Cohesive Strategy as well as the Colorado Prescribed Fire Council. TEA developed the summary and is in the process of producing a summary report based on that data.