Forest Stewards Guild

Photo Credit: Dakota Wagner, SBRN

The Forest Stewards Guild (FSG) is a nationwide nonprofit that supports the use of good fire in wide variety of ecosystems, locations, and methods. In the past 5 years in connection with FLN we have worked directly with FLN landscapes including Southern Blue Ridge, Rio Grande Water Fund, and the Minnesota Forest Landscapes Partnership Network. FSG has also worked with FLN partners in regions such as the Northeast and Colorado.

Over that time, we have contributed to many special projects, but the bulk of our work has been in sustaining the long hard work of building prescribed fire capacity for prescribed burning on private and tribal lands, and the environment that surrounds it. In addition to putting fire on the ground we have worked on addressing social license, policy, agreements, collaborations, and certifications. The Guild excels in finding creative solutions for problems and being persistent in addressing long term challenges. FLN support and the connections within the network form local and national partners has been crucial to carrying out those goals.


Project Leads: