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The Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC Net) engages and supports people and communities who are striving to live more safely with wildfire. Since its start in 2013, the network has grown to include hundreds of people throughout the United States who represent the full gamut of organizations and agencies engaged in community wildfire resilience work. FAC Net contributes to positive change by offering practitioners personal development and professional training, facilitating strategic partnerships and collaborative planning processes, and investing in special projects and initiatives that improve fire outcomes on the ground. 

Visit FAC Net’s site, FireAdaptedNetwork.Org, to access community-focused wildfire resilience resources and learn how to join the network.

Photo Credit: Watershed Research and Training Center

Key FAC Net Resources

FAC Net is proud to develop resources and tools for fire practitioners to bolster, reimagine, and strengthen their fire adaptation strategies. While a complete list of FAC Net resources can be found on the Resources page of the FAC Net website, two popular resources are highlighted below.

The FAC Graphic and Facilitator’s Guide

describes a set of components that make up community wildfire adaptation, and gives examples of specific programs and activities that communities can undertake to reduce their wildfire risk and increase their resilience. A helpful visual aid and teaching tool, the graphic is a longstanding resource for fire adaptation awareness.
Download the FAC Graphic and Facilitator’s Guide

The FAC Pathways Tool

is an interactive guide for communities to determine viable adaptation practices to make a difference in their fire resiliency. The Tool combines insights and experiences from community-based wildfire resilience practitioners and researchers who have been studying the factors that influence community adaptation for more than 20 years.
Learn more and download the FAC Pathways Tool.


FAC Net is managed under the Watershed Research and Training Center, a nonprofit organization based in Hayfork, CA. FAC Net is supported by the Fire Networks partnership and a variety of public and private donors. 

Photo Credit: Watershed Research and Training Center

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