Front Range Grassland Fire Workshop

In Colorado, the Front Range can present unique fuel and weather conditions for wildfires. Combined with numerous wildland/urban interface and intermix settings, these conditions can be critical in wildfire management….

Colorado Prescribed Fire Council Virtual Workshop

This workshop will include: Updates on the Colorado Smoke Management Program, pile burning, weather parameters to monitor, effective pile burning Colorado Fire Commission (CFC) Prescribed Fire Subcommittee efforts Liability for Prescribed Fire Practitioners Prescribed…

Colorado Wildland Fire Conference

REGISTER TO SPONSOR, SUBMIT A PRESENTATION PROPOSAL, AND RESERVE LODGING NOW!Read the sponsor letter here.   Attendee registration due to open in April.  Questions? E-mail

After the Flames Conference

After the Flames will explore strategies, tools, and collaborative approaches that contribute to effective post-fire recovery. Submissions for presentations are due December 15, 2023. More information can be found on…