2018 Report: Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges and Cooperative Burning: Experiential training events in support of landscape restoration and resiliency, fire adapted communities and workforce capacity-building. This report covers the spring 2018 burn season

The winter/spring 2018 burn season saw partners deliver a series of co- operative burning and training events, including seven TREX supported by the Fire Learning Network—the Yurok TREX and Butte TREX in California, Niobrara TREX in Nebraska, Taos TREX and Chama TREX in New Mexico and the Central Oregon TREX and Ashland TREX in Oregon. Several events based on previous TREX were also delivered without direct FLN support, including a cooperative burn week in Iowa offered by the Loess Hills Fire Partners, a fire tour of the Great Plains (Pheasants Forever) and training exchanges in South Dakota (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service). Members of the TREX Coaches Network led, organized, mentored or otherwise took part in all of these events.

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