Having safety and evacuation plans in place for your household and for your community are a critical step in being fire adapted. With summer quickly approaching, now is a great time to review these concepts and refresh awareness. 

Below is a curated list of safety and evacuation resources from our blog archive. Take a look, see what inspires you, and share more of your evacuation resources in the comments!

Evacuation Planning Perspectives: Learning from Practitioners & Researchers

Evacuation: A Resource Round-Up

Prioritizing Access and Functional Needs in Emergency Planning and Wildfire Response

Five Useful Apps for Wildfire Readiness

“School’s Out, Now What?” Activity Guides, Wildfire Education, & Go Bag Activities for the Whole Family

What the Silver Tsunami Means for FAC and Why You Need to Partner with Assisted Living Facilities

Conducting Wildfire Evacuation Outreach? Project Wildfire Takes the Video Series Approach


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