The Loess Hills Cooperative Burn Week is hosted in 7 counties of western Iowa amongst the globally significant Loess Hills.  The event is hosted by a collaboration of professional conservation agencies spanning NGOs, local, state, and federal governments.  The event is unique in that it recognizes the qualification system of each organization, as well as NWCG qualifications.  The event floats around the Loess Hills landform on a 3-year rotation, with burn units ranging from low to very high complexity.  The Loess Hills landform presents unique challenges with reading terrain, ever-changing winds, multiple fuel models, and a checkerboard of privately-owned properties mixed with protected agency property.  The collaborative effort of partnerships in this area has been strong for over two decades and continues to tighten. The LH CBW has been utilizing the FLN since 2016.  TNC TREX events were hosted in 2013 and 2014.